Safety bolts

the short arrow-version for crossbows

What do arrows and bolts have in common?

  • proven safety heads in flat or round version
  • durable shafts made of modern composites
  • captive and hard-wearing fletchings

You find detailed information on safety heads and materials for shafts and fletchings here:

Read more about what the third-party product insurance covers here:

What´s different for the safety bolts?

The length of the bolts is especially adjusted to the size of the crossbows and they are alltogether shorter than their big brothers the safety arrows.

Fletchings for bolts olny have 2 feathers instead of 3 so that they can be fixed in the clamping fixture of the crossbow until the break of the shot.

Bullets for crossbows don´t have a nock. The bowstring just pushes the blunt end forward during the shot.

You can buy all variations of
colours and heads of our safety
bolts in our webshop or at one
of our merchants:

What do I need to consider for choosing a bolt?

Depending on the type of crossbow you need a different length of bolt:

  • Shaft-lenght 30 cm is especially for model “Mini-Pistol”
  • Shaft-lenght 43 cm is suitable for the models
  • “Chaos Crossbow”
  • “Hunter´s Crossbow”
  • “Mercenary’s Crossbow”
  • “Pirate´s Crossbow”

You can get our bolts also with
wooden shaft and steel head
by request. 

You find our range of crossbows here:

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