Safe and uncomplicated equipment

for archery, LARP and archery games

100% made in Germany

I discovered the LARP game as a hobby, however wished to have the equipment in better quality and safety.

The usual standard products at that time did not convince me, therefore I started to rethink and improve the equipment from an engineer’s view.

Our products perfect gear nor only for Live Action Role Playing but also Reenactment and Archery Games.

  • 100% warranty: 4 years on all products on condition of non-commercial use
  • 100% original: in-house development and manufacturing in Germany since 2004
  • 100% innovation: continuous development for highest security

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Please note:

“Archery Tag” and “Arrow Tag” are registered trademarks. Therefor we rather use the term “Archery Game”. “Battle Archery”, “Archery Attack” and “Combat Archery” are also in use.

Various names – unique fun!

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