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for archery, LARP and archery games

100% made in Germany

Safety arrows

Cushioned arrows in 376 versions for creative gaming ideas without nets und safety barriers.


Rugged and easy to clean bows for sport und gaming, suitable for first-time users and advanced learners


Special aims for trendy sports like Arrow Tag, Archery Tag, Battle Archery and similar games

Safety bolts

The proven principle of our safety arrows in a specially adapted design for crossbows

Face masks

Saftey masks for trendy sports like Arrow Tag, Archery Tag, Battle Archery and similar games

Wooden arrows

Made of real feathers and
locally grown wood
produced with latest techiques
for traditional archery

Arrow displays

Functional and sturdy, for preventing wooden arrows from demage during storage, transport or presentation

Hand guards

Various models.
Likewise suitable for
traditional archery,

LARP und archery games

You only need small amounts or want to
order from a merchant nearby?

You need spare parts for bows, safety arrows, crossbows and safety bolts or suitable tools?

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