Hand guards

For what?

  • traditional archery
  • LARP and Reenactment
  • Archery Games, Archery Tag, Arrow Tag, Battle Archery,
    Archery Attack, Combat Archery and similar games

All versions, sizes and colours are available in our webshop:

The models

professionally sewn from real letherhandmade by a German saddlery

Protection glove

  • soft leather
  • colour: dark brown
  • Velcro tape at your wrist
  • for dextrous shooting for countless hours

Combined hand guard and bracer

  • protects forearm and back of the hand
  • accurately fitting due to cording
  • comfortable to wear
  • two different colours
  • reinforcements on strained spots

As for all our products
we also offer for gloves:

4 years warranty on condition 
of non-commercial use.

Important to know:

Holding the bow in your left hand, you need the version for right-handers.

holding the bow in your right hand, the version for left-handers.

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