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Shooting like 500 years ago!

Crossbows are closely linked to bows and arrows but it takes only a fraction of time to learn and master it. Therefore, it is the perfect sports equipment for the occasional marksman.

Our philosophy

Traditional smithery and a dedicated feeling for historical designs meet modern engineering and CNC production technologies. This is how to describe the cooperation between Eysenkleider and IDV.

To have both companies working at maximum effectiveness, since February 2012 the serial models are produced completely at IDV engineering in Tacherting, Germany, while Eysenkleider in Langenzenn, Germany, fully focusses on individual and special designs.

Please note:

Crossbows are subject to the German law of arms. You find further information in our blog.

The technical details

The lock mechanism

Made from massive steel the sensitive trigger provides an almost unlimited durability at the most simple, yet safe handling.

The rotating trigger lays the string exactly onto the middle of the bolt and allows precise and constant targeting.

Useful: The safety pin is also the hexagonal key for mounting and unmounting the bow.

The string

The string is made of fine wire stainless steel cable with grouted fittings.

For sure not “historically correct” but therefore extremely rugged and durable.

The bow

Long lifetime, fatigue-proof and rugged. The glass fibre compound bow can be kept under tension for months, without losing its draw weight.

The alteration to other draw weights is always possible with a few simple steps: < 18 Joules for safety padded bolts and up to 40 Joules for sportive shooting.

The shaft

100% massive beech wood from sustainable forestry, mainly from German forests.

Carefully ground, stained and finished with natural linseed oil the crossbow lays comfortably heavy and strong in your hand.

Our models


380 x 440 mm, max. 10 Joule

The small, handy weapon for all those who prefer to solve their problems off the cuff.

It shoots short bolts.

Perfect for short distances up to 10 m, e.g. in dungeons, taverns or bath houses.


As for all our products we also offer for the crossbows:

4 years warranty on condition
of non-commercial use


850 x 810 mm, max. 18 Joule

The design with distinct edges and ridges gives this model a coarse, almost crystalline character.

All steel parts are oxidized black in the forge.

All versions of crossbows are available in our webshop or at one of our merchants.


750 x 800 mm, max. 18 Joule

This model is inspired by a matchlock musket from the 17th century.
The big “D”-ring allows to attach a carrying strap.

This crossbow allows easy and safe aiming and is therefore the first choice for precise shooting.


600 x 700 mm, max. 16 Joule

An independent design based on a historic flintlock pistol makes this handy crossbow the matching weapon for the wealthy salesman. No matter how black the flag may be under which he sails.


850 x 800 mm, max. 18 Joule

This crossbow was designed close to historic samples.

Therefore, it is the first choice for those who merit authentic presentation, without cutting back precision and safe and easy handling.


for “Chaos”, “Hunter” or “Mercenary”

The differences:

  • enforced bow up to 450 N (100 lbs.) draw weight
  • integrated brass rails inhibit excessive wear of the housing due to the strongly stressed stainless string

no matter if you challenge the 3D-parcours or the disc target. You will impress your archery colleagues. With 450 N draw weight the crossbow equals a “light” sports bow with about 30 – 35 Joules.

You find suitable bolts for each model here:

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